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Tech Professionals

Are you looking for new career opportunities or exciting contract projects? Prosum is an IT staffing agency and placement firm that works with dynamic companies in Los Angeles and Southern California, as well as Denver and Phoenix. These companies value your skills and experience and provide unique opportunities to achieve your goals.

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Information Technology

Find the sporty talent to support the backbone of your business. Our staffing specialists connect you with a large pool of able IT applicants without calculating on traditional job boards. This call moves soon and so do we.

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From executive and legal to financial and client service, we insure your business has access to people who fit your company culture. Our applicants are valued within the lens of a thorough network process to make sure that they can hit the ground handling.

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Our aim is to understand your requirements and complex operating systems in order to help you find more- suitable campaigners with expertise and experience that fit your business model. We offer contract, contract-to- hire, and direct hire placements.

Core Functions

Core Functions

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When most people think about tech recruiting, they think about skills. And complex tech projects do require highly honed skills, but they also require the right people. we helps clients balance the need for cutting-edge skills with people who add value to an organization.

Whether you need to augment your staff or you’re looking to fill key full-time or leadership roles, we will exceed your expectations. As an industry-leading IT staffing agency serving Los Angeles and Southern California, as well as Denver and Phoenix, we deliver exceptional tech recruiting solutions to companies in all industries.